The Department of An Taoiseach chose DV4 to produce a series of hybrid and virtual events for the Future of Media Commission (FOMC). This complex event involved expert speakers around the world and in-studio, live captioners and signers for accessibility and the technical testing of all remote speakers in advance.

DV4 broadcast the events to multiple platforms from multilpe locations (including our studio, government buildings and other various remote locations), facilitated moderated Q&A sessions, breakout rooms for expert discussion and the sharing of different media such as slides and playback video.

Working closely with the Department IT and project management teams, DV4 managed the registrations, security and analytics for each of the 4 events in the FOMC series.

Chaired by Brian McCraith and moderated by key staff in The Department of An Taoiseach, the live stream and recordings of the series of events ran without issue and were very well received by journalists and the public alike.

Full testimonial:
Working with DV4 on our series of online thematic dialogues has been a great experience from our perspective. We received very favourable feedback from panelists and the general public, as well as the Future of Media Commission itself, following our event last week, and it's very reassuring to know that Simon and his team will be working alongside us for the duration of this series.

Dept of An Taoiseach Events Image