This could very well be the first time a project like this has taken place in Ireland. DV4 worked withj John Byrne to create a 3D building projection onto the Façade of Ulster Bank as the main attraction in the main square for the 2010 Cavan Fleadh Cheoil.

We painstakingly photographed the front of the Ulster Bank building and mapped out all its features to create a layered 3D map. We were then able to build video and animation that played on the actual shape and features of the building front to great creative effect, such as projecting daytime and clouds onto only the windows, whicle a glimmering lavalamp effect was projected onto the walls.

We even went as far to rent live snakes and lizards, film them crawling through the wooden (scaled-down) replica we had made by a model-maker!

We also webcast the event live over 4 days and nights. The reaction of the large crowd was fantastic and the feedback we recieved only backed up our excitement about this fantastic engaging and memorable digital creative and marketing service.

Full testimonial:
Working with the enthusiastic, highly skilled, dedicated and totally professional team at DV4 was a pleasure. From conception through production and public showcasing DV4 was right there assisting the process and making it an enjoyable, stress-free, ultimately rewarding experience every step of the way.

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