After spending years searching for the right creative digital agency, Kevin Godley (of 10cc and Godley & Creme fame) chose DV4 to realise his amazing vision for the Whole World Band. DV4 built the prototype and proof of concept, which has now launched globally on iTunes.

A track placed in the hands of fellow collaborators around the planet is never really finished. It keeps growing and changing in an environment where expertise, imagination and entertainment share equal billing.

Offering the opportunity to work with fellow musicians –many you have never met– it also enables artists to earn money by recording their own music, or adding to someone else’s vision (including musical ideas from Ronnie Wood (The Rolling Stones), Stewart Copeland (The Police), Kevin Godley (10cc, Godley & Creme), Dave Stewart (Eurythmics).

A true musical democracy, WWB will be where the famous rub shoulders with emerging and undiscovered talent, providing the facility to share your creations on Facebook and other digital channels.

WholeWorldBand Image