DV4 were asked by TV3 to assist in the planning, design, development and deployment of a new catch-up player with the goals of improving the viewer experience when watching TV3 video content online while ensuring maximum commercial return. An additional goal was to have a an online video player which works across the maximum range of devices (in the browser rather than app space to maximise TV3 programme rights position).

Key innovations include:

• Significantly improved, richer environment, user-friendly look, feel and usability (bigger player, accessible language ‘what would you like to watch’, no display advertising on home page, strong show promotional area (c.50% of screen))
• Strong intuitive, predictive multi-aspect search
• Leading social media integration (actively encourage sharing, liking and recommending with strong, multiple opportunity social media integration)
• Strong marketable brand (3player design, subtly promoting the word ‘play’ using clever letter ‘a’ play icon shape which will work strongly on-air)
• Companion ads to video advertising
• Live broadcasts too
• Additional relevant content served automatically on chosen content finishing
• Strong pc, tablet and phone experience (including iOS and Android devices) to complement TV3 on-air

DV4 have won many awards for our work with TV3 including eircom Spiders, Digital Media Awards and Appys. This year we won 2 DMA's for Best Mobile website and 'Best Digital Design' for 3player.ie, where it was announced that we were awarded the highest ever score for a digital media award for "near perfect digital design"! We're quite proud of that.

Full testimonial:
We worked with DV4 from the initial research, design and developmental stages of 3player and appreciate all the creativity and experience they brought to bear. Further to their impressive web skills, their understanding of video and mobile technical considerations has enabled us to provide the first mobile player in the Irish market. The team are a pleasure to work with.


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