DV4 has completely redesigned and redeveloped the Quinn Group website to give it a more contemporary and visually engaging look. Quinn Group was one of Ireland's most successful companies with a track record in a variety of sectors including cement and concrete products, container glass, general and health insurance, radiators, plastics, and hospitality. We worked very closely with the Online Department at Quinn Group to develop the information architecture for the new website - www.quinn-group.com - while also integrating their existing content management systems with the interactive features developed by DV4. To facilitate easy navigation of www.quinn-group.com, DV4 devised an innovative interactive image carousel on the home page which displays each individual business division of the Quinn Group. DV4 also included an updateable news section and a multimedia section with a media player which encapsulates modern features such as ‘email to a friend’, embedded source code and full screen viewing. The media player also allows Quinn Group personnel to add new video and audio files for download, ensuring that all media content is presented in a clear and intuitive manner. Simon Fine, Sales and Marketing Manager of DV4, says: “We are delighted to work with a client such as Quinn Group. We were particularly excited about building a modern web front end to integrate with some of their existing systems and we look forward to a healthy working relationship in the future.”


The Quinn Group Image