DV4 are approaching our third year as the RCPI's webcasting service provider of choice. With a significant number of webcasts and viewers along with the recent introduction of pay per view webcasts, this highly engaging form of learning and member engagement is of growing strategic significance to RCPI.

Some webcasts are open to the public, some only to members and some are pay per view. The live webcast is also made available for on-demand catch-up in the RCPI player (on the RCPI website) usually within one day.

These webcasts are also available to view on mobile devices and can facilitate live questions and polls from the online audience too.

Discussions are also underway to recognise Continual Professional Development automatically for members by watching these webcasts and answering questions specific to them.

DV4 also redesigned and rebuilt the RCPI website and were a key player amongst a large number of external vendors and third parties.

Full testimonial:
DV4 provide us with a world class webcasting service. I am continually impressed by the excellent service offered by them. Their knowledge and expertise has helped us improve the quality of our events, not only for those attending online, but also for those attending in person. They are very accommodating with regard to the types of events that are webcast, continually offering innovative solutions to address specific issues that arise. In addition, their staff are, experienced, reliable and friendly. DV4 have demonstrated a commitment to providing a service of the highest quality and I have no hesitation in recommending them.


RCPI Webcasting Image