The Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST) was established in September 2010 as a generic, integrated and cross-sectoral support service for schools. The PDST is the country’s largest single support service offering professional learning opportunities to teachers and school leaders in a range of pedagogical, curricular and educational areas. 
PDST set a goal in 2018 to build a digital studio that would allow various teams in their wide network to webcast and record meeetings and learning content from their DCU based offices. Additionally, the PDST digital studio facilitates the inclusion of remote participants too, so guests can be invited to partake or even lead live and recorded events.
Events from the digital studio can be webcast as video only, video with slides, as multiple videos. PDST can also playback existing video, audio, powerpoint content, repurpose expsiting content, add quizzing, polls and facilitate live Q&A for events too.
DV4 also advised PDST on optimal video production, editing and podcasting software, hardware and workflows.
We are delighted that PDST are now self-sufficient in producing lots of engaging live and recorded content in their digital studio.

DV4 have also provided live and recorded webcasting services for off-site PDST events around the country.

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