NSSL specialise in the design and installation of unified voice and data IT network solutions to suit their customers business needs and help maximise efficiency. Their strategic business partnership agreements and accreditations ensure that the latest in technology and expertise is always available to their customers.

NSSL in conjunction with MicroWareHouse and Microsoft were faced with the challenge of selectively targeting time poor key decision makers in Credit unions with a complex offering of a move from on premises banking and IT installations to a cloud based environment, offering more resilience and scalability. They approached us to help them broadcast a sales webinar called “Reach for the cloud”.

NSSL approached DV4 looking for a professional live broadcast event management service. 

One of the main challenges was to get all key speakers in a room at same time for the live event. Furthermore, NSSL couldn't use their offices for the live broadcast. Microwarehouse, an NSSL partner, kindly offered the use of their boardroom, which we surveyed in advance for suitability for our high quality mobile pop-up multi-camera studio.

DV4 managed the content and presenters. NSSL and guest Credit Union CEO's were in the pop-up studio while 2 Microsoft experts were remote. We conducted live interviews and a live Q&A, which all needed careful planning and management along with rehearsals.

The Zoom Webinar platform was used to mix the live multi-camera feed with the remote Microsoft experts so that whomever was presenting or speaking was seen side by side with the presentation slides.

NSSL were delighted with their engagement with their niche target audience and both audience and NSSL feedback was overwhelmingly positive

NSSL filled their sales book for the remainder of the year on the back of this live pop-up studio event

Full testimonial:

Having partnered with DV4 for years to provide AGM webinar and voting services to our Credit Union clients during Covid-19 lockdown, we were very impressed with their professional event management service, especially for live broadcast. When it came to us  launching a new service via a webinar of our own, DV4 were the obvious choice.
With DV4's high quality equipment and production skills, we were able to fully concentrate on the content we wanted to get across. After this successful event our order book was full for the rest of the year. All of our team were very impressed and more importantly  so were our clients. Managing content and presenters, some in studio,  some remote, conducting live interviews and having a live Q&A all need careful planning and management and that’s exactly what DV4 provided for us.  
You can make your own video in house and take 20 times to make it work but you can't do that for live events. DV4 knows what works and what doesn't work in live events." 
I would highly recommend using DV4  for any live webinars that you are planning


NSSL pop-up studio webinar Image