This project required DV4 to create an online video presentation, complete with interactive supporting materials, which enabled senior Kellogg's management in Ireland to deliver a live one-hour webcast to pan-European colleagues situated in a variety of locations. As a result of the successful pilot, Kelloggs is now planning to use webcasting regularly to facilitate pan-European corporate meetings and presentations. DV4 have been chosen to provide these services on an ongoing basis. is a secure webcast portal which DV4 created for internal communications for Kelloggs Europe Ltd. Using the universally familiar paradigm of a video media player, Kelloggs management can present live broadcasts and slides/images (along with interactive features, such as questions & polls) to the entire workforce.

DV4 has been streaming audio and video content over the Internet for over a decade and has a long history of online broadcasting. The company has completed projects for Fianna Fáil, 98FM, Reading Festival, Leviathan, and the Department of the Environment.

Simon Fine, Sales and Marketing Manager with DV4, says "DV4's innovative use of technology combined with forward thinking and communications from the Kellogg's senior management team allowed for effective pan-European group communications to take place at the same time and at minimal cost compared to the cost of organising events, travel, downtime and accommodation. We envision that more and more businesses will turn to webcasting this year in bid to reduce overall costs as well as their carbon footprint."

The DV4 best of breed webcast system delivers high quality video along with a series of attractively designed slides and to an audience who have the capability of interacting with the presenters either live or on-demand.

We have witnessed cost savings in the region of 70% when compared to the traditional travel, facility, downtime and disruption expenses of organising such presentations.

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