DV4 have been working with The Green Party for over 3 years providing innovative technical and cost-effective virtual and hybrid solutions to help The Green Party continue their member engagement throughout Covid-19 lockdown. DV4 integrated well at all levels in the party - office staff, the executive and senior politicians. Through the creative and experienced use of webcasting DV4 produced many events for GP including:

Annual Conferences in our DV4 studio, various hotels, and venues such as The Aviva (linking with RTE for live broadcast)
Virtual and hybrid elections
Member engagement meetings
Sentiment meetings (complex interactive breakout sessions)
Shared learning days
Rapid response webinars

Full testimonial:
DV4 provided technical expertise and support to enhance our nationwide membership engagement at a critical time post election during the COVID crisis. The professionalism and dedication shown by the DV4 team was solutions focused throughout. DV4's willingness to engage in blue sky thinking to come up with flexible and dynamic solutions resulted in ICT solutions with the various layers of interactivity and data analytics we needed. Planning and non-technical supports to facilitate meetings ensured inclusivity, and provided the a safe pair of hands required for panelists new to virtual meeting spaces.


Green Party Hybrid Events Image